Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 17

The Disarming Child
by Charlie Lowell

Helpless and human
Diety in the dirt,
Spirit married with flesh
We couldn’t make it to you,
But you come to us.

You always come to us.
In our stubbornness and desire,
Entitlement and shame
Remind us that we need you,
Merge your untamed Spirit with our flesh.

We try to forget those
Years of wandering.
Shackles and masters,
An eternity of doubting
And still, you come to us.

A divine intrusion
Through our scheming and chaos-
Coats of armor, angels and armies.
Do some wrecking here,
And gently come to us.

Disturb us this day
Through sorrow and through dancing,
The bliss of joy and sting of death
Past hands that would threaten and tear,
You come to us extravagantly.

From your manger lowly,
Mighty and mysterious
You come to us, Seed of Heaven
Spirit wed with flesh,
These broken hearts to mend.


Charlie Lowell said...

Okay, friends, i post this one humbly and with reservation. I haven't written much poetry but enjoyed doing this last year, and wanted to share it. Thanks for continuing to check in here and kick things down a gear. Grace to you-

Just Like Edmund said...

I love it. Especially the last 5 lines. I feel like they could be a hymn. Thanks for sharing it!

Michele said...
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michele bennett said...

it's beautiful, charlie. thanks for sharing it with us.


kboden said...

It captures the paradox of God's entry into the world, His idea of salvation, the Gospel, and ultimately His unexplainable love for us.

ohchicken said...

this is really beautiful, charlie. well written, and powerful. thank you for putting it out there. it fits well with the beauty of the others you have posted.

David Van Blogger said...

I love it Charlie. Beautiful, honest and potent.

Jess said...

I really like this one out of all of the one's that Charlie has posted.
it's cool because God does come to us when ever we need Him, and even when we think we don't need Him we are so wrong :).

WendyCarb said...

God's dissarming power...gentle, intrusive, untamed, extravagant, mighty, and misterious. A well of emotions isn't it? May God never cease to disturb us.

Thanks for putting your heart out for us to read Charlie. May God continue to inspire you :)

inajar said...

i loved this one, Charlie.. it continues to be a favorite. thanks for sharing it again. :)

irden juca said...

I know that you mean 'dancing' as a figure for joy and times when everything goes well, but I really loved your using of the word, cuz I am a dancer myself. Great poem you wrote Charlie, just so worthy of you. Thanks. Loved the reference to the Spirit being untamed, just like the Great Lion Aslan ^^ you are a great poet with words too my friend, do not we love everything you play, why not loving such a great and true writing?

rosa said...

beautiful! I hope you don't mind if I use it for my own blog's advent readings?