Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 22

The Wise Men
by Madeleine L’Engle

A star has streaked the sky.
pulls us,
Where, oh where, where leads the light?

We came and left our gifts
and turned
Time had passed, friends gone from sight[

One by one, they go, they die
to now,
to us-
gone in the dazzling dark of night.

Oh how, and where, and when, and why
and what,
and who,
and may, and should, O God, and might
a star, a wind, a laugh, a cry
still come
from one-
the blazing word of power and might-

to use our gifts of gold and myrrh
and frankincense
as needed,
as our intention was to do the right?

Here, there, hear- soft as a sigh-
all that is spoken, back to the flight

blazing too fierce for mortal eye.
oh, Love, until we, too, may dazzle bright.


Crystal said...

Love the last stanza.

Charlie Lowell said...

that was my favorite, too- that last line.

irden juca said...

Like, Love from the beginning, love till the end.

This is great Char. I love the arrangement of the words and how they sound, when reading, they offer some harmony, some sound to the poem.

Do u have to type all the poems?


Charlie Lowell said...

I typed most of them in over a nice slow Thanksgiving break. I enjoyed it.. had some typed in from last year and wanted them accessible on my computer. Glad you're enjoying them! Just a couple more....

irden juca said...

Oh nice, I am glad you had the time to type them during Thanksgiving and I see you kept the standard visual layout for this one. So cool, I am translating this one now, thanks brother.

Much Luv.
Feliz Natal (Merry Xmas)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Charile. These poems have been amazing gifts.