Friday, December 26, 2008

Until next year...


God is with us! Thanks so much for checking in here and soaking in a little poetry. I hope it's been enriching for your Advent season. It has certainly been for me! I may start doing this annually as it's been helpful and you've all been encouraging. Thanks to all the various poets for giving us new eyes. Grace and peace to you in these days.



irden juca said...

Thanks for all this and I want to say thank you in name of the Earthen Vessels FC fans, they also followed this up in our community. Hugs Charlie from us your friends. Much love.

jim hancock said...

Nicely done Charlie. Thanks. jh

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just found your blog. I think your stuff is really interesting. New follower. Feel free to come check out my blog if you'd like.

Signe said...

Do you plan to do this again this year? Advent starts tomorrow!! I hope you do.

Amanda Munroe said...

It's Advent...are you going to attempt again this year?

Toyin O. said...

Very nice.

Poetry of the Day said...

this blog is awesome. ill come here more often, i really love the word advent.
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chris said...

Charlie -

In case these posts still find you....will you possibly consider keeping up the Advent poems blog again? I appreciate your skills as a "curator", if you will, of these poems. You certainly don't have to if you don't want to, but many of us appreciated your efforts (and especially your original work).

Hopefully you'll find your way back to this blog this year! Thanks...

At your service,

- an appreciative lurker. :)

quiltfrog said...

I was looking for something inspirational today. Trying to honor the season. All of these poems are beautiful. Thanks. T
his is just what I needed to get Monday of to a positive start.

adamah said...

Man it's too bad you're not writing stuff on here (since 2008). Anyways, I recently wrote a poem called "Christmas is coming"; if anyone's interested, here's the URL:

- said...

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Julia Melgreen said...

I've looked at these Advent poems every year as I plan worship for my congregation. They are a help every year. I found this poem and thought you might like it, too:

The Wicked Fairy at the Manger
My gift for the child:
No wife, kids, home;
No money sense. Unemployable.
Friends, yes. But the wrong sort -
The workshy, women, wogs,
Petty infringers of the law, persons
With notifiable diseases,
Poll tax collectors, tarts;
The bottom rung.

........His end?
I think we'll make it
Public, prolonged, painful.

Right, said the baby. That was roughly
What we had in mind.

U. A. Fanthorpe ('Christmas Poems - BC:AD', Peterloo Poets)